Hey there, I'm Bailey! I'm a family and portrait photographer based in southeast Missouri. My family is surrounded by creativity. My late father started my love of photography by introducing me to the art at a young age. He was my biggest encourager and supported me through every creative and business decision I made. My mom is the ultimate handy-woman and can build or create anything she puts her mind to. We can bounce ideas around each other for hours. My husband is a talented musician and music instructor. Some of my favorite memories together is traveling all over with him & the jazz band he played in for years. My sister is an art teacher. I genuinely cannot imagine a life without art, as I’ve learned to look for it in every moment of the day. 


I spent the first ten years of my photography career specializing in weddings, and I now focus on capturing families as they grow and flourish. I love photographing a family at home, where they’re most comfortable and living out their daily lives. I also love finding the perfect, overgrown, golden field to create stunning portraits for your walls. I can’t wait to talk with you and work with you soon!


Some Extra Facts About Me

I'm a wife to an amazing husband, and mother to two beautiful children! My toddler and infant keep me on my toes 24/7.

When I’m not shooting, you’ll most likely find me at home, playing with my two kids, rewatching This Is Us for the umpteenth time, or dragging my family through every aisle of Target — it’s kind of my happy place.


Iced coffee is my jam. No matter what season it is, I always want iced coffee.


If I'm not watching This Is Us or The Resident while editing, I'm probably playing Bailey Sarian's Murder, Mystery, Makeup Monday videos in the background. (*theme song* -- if you know, you know!)


While most of the women I know spent their 2020 Quarantine perfecting their banana bread recipes and cleaning out their houses, I spent mine teaching myself to crochet. It’s a disaster but I’m proud of the potholders I managed to create. 

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