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Hey there, I'm Bailey. I'm a portrait and wedding photographer based in southeast Missouri. 

When I shoot, I strive to capture the moments that can't be posed or forced: a child's laugh, the smile after a bride & groom's first kiss. I want every session and wedding that I shoot to feel natural, fun, and beautiful. My shooting style is a beautiful blend of modern and traditional styles, and I work hard to capture each moment as it happens naturally. I've been told multiple times by wedding clients & their guests that I'm a "wedding ninja" -- you'll often find me close by, but out of the way, so I can watch for the perfect candid moments that truly tell the story of your big day. During the portrait portions of each wedding, I'm happy to pose and direct the parties, families, and bride & groom through each shot, as well as look for those candid moments I mentioned above.


I studied commercial photography at Southeast Missouri State University and have ample training in both natural & artificial lighting.


My husband, Jacob, and I got married in November 2016. I was so thrilled to finally share in the same planning process that the brides I work with every year experience. As a wedding photographer and a recent bride, I hope to make the planning process for all of my clients as easy, fun, and enjoyable as possible. Jacob and I have two children, a fiesty toddler daughter born in 2018, and a sweet, snuggly newborn son, born in 2020!


Some useless facts about Me

Coffee is the way to my heart. And weekly trips to Target. What a blessing that our local Target has a coffeeshop inside, right? ;) My go-to coffee is always a white mocha.

I bought a camera for my 16th birthday instead of a car (my parents didn't love that at the time, ha!). I turn 30 in 2020, so I guess that decision was a pretty good one.

I'm such a big fan of This Is Us that I once made my husband dress as Jack Pearson for Halloween, just so I could be Rebecca Pearson for a day. (And I may or may not have dressed our daughter as a crockpot...)

Photography is my full-time job, however, I'm also blessed to work part-time as a media department staff member for my church. I get the fun opportunity to photograph concerts, banquets, and other events that the church holds. I also edit our weekly sermons into a television show that's broadcast through the tri-state area. I worked as their main videographer full-time for three years before taking on a part-time position after getting married in the fall of 2016. Don't worry -- this job allows me to have weekends off, except early Sunday mornings, and doesn't interfere with me shooting weddings ;).

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